projects empowering youths


"Human intellect contains an insatiable need for meaning, values and justice. The human brain has evolved to respond positively and develops creativity in a healthy and ethical environment."

Rudolph E. Tanzi, PhD, Professor of neurology, Harvard University


Our aim is:

To leave a positive footprint
To promote ethical education

To mentor and facilitate the education of single parent family kids

To promote Academics,  Art & Sports

To create access to scholarships for students, artists and athletes

Who we are

The organization was founded in 2018 as the members have raised a great deal of social awareness of issues related to supporting the quality and integrated education of the new generation, and in particular children growing up with a single parent. 


A single parent family is a family with children that is headed by a single person, who has both, the parental responsibility and care.  Such families are families with children under the age of 18, headed by a parent who is widowed or bad divorced and not remarried, or even by a parent who has never married. Single parent families deal with many pressures and potential problem areas that other families may not face. The Government and Public policy needs to understand the true nature of a single parent family and provide the proper support. Until now, grandparents play this key role in providing both financial and practical support.


Our philosophy

Mission of education is to strengthen human attitude. Academic knowledge, Arts and Sports are important parts of education. Our actions aim to provide youths with many different outlets and opportunities where they can succeed and learn the real essence of life. 


Our vision

Mentoring the education of single parent family children: Support is based on three main pillars: academic education, art and sports education of children experiencing this particular family situation. The purpose of the organization's charity is to provide equal education and development opportunities for single-parent children like the family-supported children of two parents.


The organization offers some of its revenue to organize or support events that promote academics, arts, customs, sports and more. Another important objective is to support with scholarships new talented artists such as dancers, painters, poets, sculptors, musicians, great students and athletes. According to the purpose and vision of the organization, children of single parent families will initially be supported in order to create new opportunities for the development, expression and promotion of their achievements.


Social Cooperative Enterprise

Ch. Trikoupi 10, Athens

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projects empowering youths

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